Aspen Editing is versatile and can help you craft your message in any nomenclature. Whether your tone is strictly technical or more laid back, Aspen Editing will help you find the words. 

Not sure whether you need to call in the expert? Submit your text to Aspen Editing for a free assessment. 
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Helping writers put their best text forward.

Welcome to Aspen Editing, LLC. Based in Colorado, I serve professional clients all over the country. Whether your subject matter is technical or creative, business or medical, Aspen Editing provides a professional proofreading and developmental editing service that will help you fine tune your message so you can put your best text forward.

Most clients employ Aspen Editing to edit their articles for publication in magazines or journals. This service includes proofreading for style, grammar, content, and clarity. Because each publisher tends to have its own internal style, I can edit your text to fit the requirements of the publication.

Writing is a process and I can help you in any stage of your project. I often review multiple drafts of a writer's document during the writing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what you need? Simply email me and we'll discuss where you are in your writing process. I can provide a quick and thorough grammar check of your document, or a complete overhaul of the text.

How will I see the edits? Up to you: I can send you a PDF or a fax with the suggested changes written on the page. I can enable "Track Changes" in the document when I email it back to you. Or, I can type my suggestions in BOLD in the text and email it back to you. 

Do I have to do what you say? NO! You decide whether to incorporate my suggested edits into your document. I view writing as a collaborative process. It's always helpful to have another set of eyes on your text before you send it out. I am trained to see errors everyone else misses.

How long will it take? Each project is different. A 1- to 2-week turnaround is reasonable for journal or magazine articles 30 pages or more. We'll go over your particular timeline when you submit your text for editing.

How much does it cost? Once I review your text, I'll respond with a price quote based on the amount of work required. Aspen Editing accepts cash or checks. 
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